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The career change was an intense process for me.
At home, we decided to call it a Project.

01. New country.

02. English.

03. Bootcamp.

04. Applications.

05. Dream company!

I divided my objective into small pieces and little by little I went in search of achieving each one of them.
Today, a year and four months after my first step, I received my “YES”.
But it was not just a normal “YES” …

In August last year, I wrote a draft here on medium, an article called “The selective process of ThoughtWorks”, where I intended to tell you a little about my trajectory and explain how the process was for me once I was approved!
It proves that, in fact, I’ve never stopped believing in myself.

On the first day of my coding Bootcamp, I was asked three questions:

01. What is your superpower?
02. If you were a SUPER CODER, and could choose any company to work with or a product to develop, what would you do?
03. And what problem in the world would you like to change if you found the genie of the lamp.

These were my answers:
My superpower is having an extremely powerful mind.
What I believe I can do, I actually do!
And the best part about this superpower is that after more than four years of analysis, I know myself very well, and with each passing day, I know more about what I really want for myself and for my future.

If I was a SUPER CODER (at this point, I had barely written my first line of code), I would like to work at ThoughtWorks, long enough to impact other people’s lives and transfer the privilege that I had in the last year to each and every one of them.
I wanted to breathe in an inclusive environment, where I could learn without fear, and where I could also teach.
This exchange of experiences and knowledge has always been very important to me.

Finally, I said that something that I would change in the world is inequality. In all aspects.
It bothers me not to see women in positions of power,
It bothers me to see even fewer BLACK women in positions of power,
It bothers me not to be in a diverse environment,
It bothers me that the opportunities are not the same for everybody,
It bothers me, the access to SO MUCH thing I had here in Europe, while I know that all my friends who were born in a third world country, have no idea what this is all about.
Ignorance bothers me.
A government that doesn’t care about the population bothers me.
People without access to basic education, food, unfunctional public transport, bother me.

And given all of that, I ask you:

Was there any better place to be now?

I got approved at ThougthWorks!

I now begin a new journey with people who believe in change.
Along with people who think big, who with their own hands CAUSE the change they want to see in the world,
And I couldn’t be happier to announce that I’m a ThoughtWorker now.

I can’t explain the energy that I carry within me.
I couldn’t be more grateful, and more excited.

Now it’s time to start thinking about the next steps.
I want to teach other women how to code.
I want to take information and knowledge as far as they don’t go.
I want other people to live this dream that I am living right now, and I want to do it with my own hands.

May all of this be just the beginning!
We can start like this:
If you’re changing careers, and you’re not sure where to start, let’s have a coffee together (even remotely) so we can exchange experiences, and maybe I can help you make your path a little less confusing.

It is important to have a strong support network to contribute to your journey, I am available for this.

Thank you for reading.





Me transformo, logo existo! Piscou, mudei ✨

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Athiley Coura

Athiley Coura

Me transformo, logo existo! Piscou, mudei ✨

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